Natural Black Tourmaline Stone Pendant Unisex Necklace

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Naturally Beautiful Healing Black Tourmaline Unisex Necklace! Black Tourmaline Is Believed To Promote Happiness, Reduce Fear, And Build Self-Confidence Among Its Users. It Has A High Magnetic Susceptibility Which Some Believe Offers Protection From EMF Fields. Black tourmaline has a high output of negative ions, alpha waves and far infrared rays, making it the highest energy crystal in the world. So Look Cool Wearing A Beautiful Natural Stone Necklace & Reap Possible Health Benefits! (This is Not medical advice)

Material: Black Tourmaline Natural Stone

Length: Adjustable to 26in

Pendant Size: Varies In Shape & Size Due To Natural Stone Average is 50gram weight

Product Care:
Products are made of natural materials & alloys, please take off the product when you swim, shower or wash dishes, avoid immersing in salt water, natural body oils can accumulate over time.

Cleaning Instructions:
Never use harsh cleaning solutions, sonic cleaners.
Clean with damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth.